My name is Allen Simpson, and I am the labour candidate for Maidstone and the Weald. I am proud to have been selected to fight for my home town. My wife and I grew up here, and are passionate believers in Maidstone’s potential.

I have a clear view of the leadership that we need if we are going to unlock that potential. Too often, we have seen council-led vanity projects to develop new shopping areas, and haphazard house building, often in inappropriate areas.

This is the wrong approach. What Maidstone needs is a serious plan for bringing jobs to the town, and to identify a sustainable approach to the housing issue. That is why I am campaigning for two important changes in strategy.

First, bring light industry back to the town. Maidstone has a long history making things which were sold over the country and the world. I propose to bring together the council, local colleges and the business community to create low cost business zones, and effective training and apprenticeship links to give our young people the skills they need to thrive.

Second, work with the community to find a site for a major housing development. The infill approach to squeezing houses into tiny spaces in the town centre is not working. It damages the quality of life for everyone. Equally it is clear that we need a significant amount of new houses. I believe the solution is to build a ‘Kings Hill for Maidstone’, and create a new town with good housing, transport, facilities and even offices.

Of course we also need to protect our local services. I know that many of us are worried about the future of SureStart and the quality of our schools, especially those in the academy system. I will work to protect these services from self-defeating cuts and mismanagement.

Maidstone has a long history as a booming economy. I believe that with the right leadership, our town can thrive again.


Allen Simpson
Labour Party Candidate for Maidstone and the Weald