20 mph in residential zones

The Labour Party are campaigning for 20 mile per hour zones in Maidstone’s residential areas. There is a signficant amount of evidence that this speed limit has reduced road injuries for all users, including children, older people and cyclists in the 16 years since it was introduced by the Labour Party as a national policy. It also protects drivers by reducing accidents and car wear and tear.

We are collecting names for a petition to the Maidstone and Kent councils, through our website and in person on Saturdays in the town centre. Join our campaign!

Maidstone Plan

Maidstone has a serious lack of housing, infrastructure and quality facilities fit for the next 25 years. The ‘Maidstone Plan’ currently under discussion by the Council is an attempt to address these concerns.

Labour believes that although these plans are necessary, they will not by themselves address Maidstone’s challenges. Over the past 50 years, Maidstone has seen a significant loss of its manufacturing base, which has meant that jobs and wealth have left the town. We are now seeing the effects of this loss with a generation of young people struggling to find careers.

Maidstone cannot provide for its future on retail and entertainment jobs alone. We need to set the conditions for other types of business to return to the town, so people have money to spend on the high street.

That will mean two things. First, creating high quality light manufacturing and office space in the centre of town with low cost business rates to encourage entrepreneurship. Second, we need to put serious thought into a mixed use business and residential development outside of the centre of town.

The future of Staplehurst

Staplehurst is expected to receive a significant number of new houses in coming years. This development cannot begin without consultation with the local community to think seriously about the scale of development, and what infrastructure the council will provide. Labour will campaign for the transport links, schools, shopping and leisure facilities that are needed to minimise the impact on Staplehurst.