Introducing Dan Wilkinson - Your Labour Parliamentary Candidate

Dan Wilkinson: Parliamentary Labour Candidate 2019

Maidstone & The Weald Labour Party are delighted to announce the appointment of Dan Wilkinson, Interim Chair of the local Party, as their Parliamentary Candidate in the run up to the 12 December 2019 General Election.

Dan is a 36 year old warehouseman and trade union rep with a background in homelessness charity work, anti-racism and campaigning to protect public services from cuts.

Having been brought up in Marden, attending Maidstone Grammar School, he is passionate about preserving our green spaces and protecting the environment.

"I'm proud that the Labour group on Maidstone Borough Council proposed the Climate Emergency Motion, with a net zero carbon target of 2030, which was passed unanimously" says Dan

"Whilst I welcome the input of pressure groups and minor parties, when it comes to this most important of issues it shows that the only way to achieve the vital necessary changes is the democratic way."

Equally, Dan is deeply concerned about the divisions within our society, both ideologically and in terms of the distribution of wealth.

"Our country is at a crossroads, and this election presents us with an historic opportunity to redress the imbalance between the many - the real wealth creators in our society - and the privileged few.

A Labour government will mean a Green Industrial Revolution, a proper council house building programme, and a decent start in life for our children with the reintroduction of EMA and free bus travel for under-25s.

On top of this, only a Labour vote guarantees a final say on any Brexit deal. We know that Boris Johnson's deal, as well as drawing a customs border down the Irish Sea, will allow him to slash protections for workers' rights and the environment. Once in government, Labour will negotiate its own deal and put it back to the people, with the option to Remain on the ballot paper. Smaller parties, safe in the knowledge that there is no danger of their forming a government, can promise what they like about revocation, No Deal and all manner of other things - but Labour is the only viable party with a common sense policy that will let the people decide.

Labour finished in 2nd place here in Maidstone in 2017, 3000 votes above the Liberals. Both locally, and nationally, the only real choice is between a hard-right Tory agenda or the most progressive Labour agenda since 1945."

Rebuilding Britain

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